Sunday, June 18, 2017

Swim Buddies!!!....

I love when my grand babies run through the backdoor with their swimsuits on ready to jump in the water.  I am an outside girl and when I was young I would have lived in the pool all day if we had one.  
Ours was the kind you filled in the morning and emptied every night but that was okay if it was all you had.
These kids all love water...and better than that they love each other!
Matthew thinks Adeline is his best buddy.
He hugs her, holds her hand, and he is trying to teach her to swim!

These kids are my greatest joy!
Loving them is so easy.  They are fun and spirited and never fail to entertain me.
I am grateful.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coming Soon!......

I have no reasonable explanation why I think having another dog is a good idea.
I fought replacing our pet after Max died.  We are too old, it just means extra clutter, potty training again, fur to vacuum up, ect.  I broke down and we got Harley.
I like the dog but he has not really formed any attachment to anyone but Jimmy and that makes Sara a bit sad.
What to do.....on impulse one Monday morning just research the internet and decide you need to buy a cocker spaniel.
So I did.
In three weeks this precious puppy will be calling our house her new home.
We are prepared.  We have read the Cocker Spaniel manual and we think she is just the dog we need.
We have cleaned our puppy cage, bought new bedding, and discussed names until I am at a major level of stress over it.
I think we have locked in on the winner.
After all a pedigree puppy needs a fancy name.  
She will go by Millie of course.
We can't wait to get her home!

Friday, June 9, 2017

A Different Fruitful Day!....

 Well, what happens when you go to the Ham Orchards and buy all of that fruit?
You have to do something with it.
I had to revert to my Home Ec teacher roots and dig out the cookbooks.
Then I had to make a run to Kroger for new and improved jelly jars because I am not sure that those shelved in my garage would have been safe for any food product.
 Ten jars of blackberry jelly later and more sticky mess in the kitchen than you can even imagine, I am off to deal with the peaches.  
Think I will pass on more jelly and go to a pie or cobbler.  
Just as a side note, I accomplished all of this while corralling four grandchildren.
Yes, I earned the right to be exhausted after this.
I am patting myself on the back and putting my cookbook back on the shelf.  
Back into retirement I go!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fruitful Day!......

It is officially summer.  Well I know the calendar says that summer is not official until June 21 but who waits that long to start celebrating?  
I always loved summer when my kids were little.  No official bedtime, sleeping late, lunch whenever we felt like it and those great Wet and Wild passes.
My goal the summer?  Just to enjoy every minute wth my grandkids!
Today we headed to Terrell, Texas to enjoy Ham Orchards.  I have never been and since it is in Terrell I had to have a driver....thank heavens for Mandy.
What a great place to visit!
Rows and rows of blueberries and big buckets so you can pick your own.
So who knew blackberries started out looking like raspberries?
And who enjoyed it as much as I did...these kids did.  
They had full buckets and blue fingers and thought it was great.
Lunch was peach pulled pork followed by peach ice cream of course and my was it all yummy!

With full bellies we enjoyed rocking on the back porch before we headed back to Dallas with bags of fruit and full tummies.
Another field trip in the books!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

CTL 2017........

Year number 6 is in the books!
Every year we become more committed to the mission of Carry the Load.
What an amazing organization.
The groups that are served by the funds raised  are those that need it most....the Wounded Warrior Foundation, Heroes on the Water and so many more
 It is what our family does on Memorial Day weekend.  Brooklynn and Finley even signed up as participants and walked 7 plus miles...the whole entire first lap.
Matthew went via stroller, someones shoulders, and made some distance running along.
 Kim, Matt, and girls joined us as they usually do, carrying a pictures of their "Uncle" Matt in their pocket.  I love that we have remained connected.  Kim will always be my "daughter-in-law, the one that I lost because of an unfortunate incident that we could not have anticipated.

 And the family also did their first camp out.
Guess who slept....and it was not Mandy or Tim!

 I love that so many friends came out to walk with us!
 Thanks for all of your support over the 20 hour mission.
One last stop before the end of our walk....a visit with Matt.
Sometimes it is so hard to process that this is our reality.
I can still hear his voice so clearly.
He will remain forever 27 and my first born that I miss every single day

Matt's little namesake.
Someday he will know his Uncle, maybe not in person but he will hear stories of the man who's name he carries.
And thats all folks!
Till 2018...we have called it a day.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Little Lovey......

I love this blue eyed little girl!
She won't sit still for two seconds so I can take a picture so I have to catch her on the run...or during a moment when she is finding her favorite music on my phone.
Oh Adeline!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pantry Food.....

I would say we have a problem here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beach Bums.......

We have arrived!
After 11 grueling hours on the road, this not so good traveler saw the sign...
Gulf Shores here we are!
I love the beach. 
 It is my go to vacation pick no matter what our vacation allowance is.
There is just something about a lawn chair, sand, and the sound of wave crashing against the shore that will cure about anything.
So what happened upon arrival....storms.
Welcome to the beach!
Not to gave us time to unpack, explore, and shop.
Nothing bad about that!

We took an evening to go out and look for dolphins on the Alabama Rose.
I will tell you that the captain guarantees dolphin sightings....
and he was beginning to worry!
An hour and a half down the Florida coast they appeared and it was worth the wait. 
What a fun evening!
And this sand?
It just amazed me.
I do not know what created all these lines but it was one of my favorite beach sightings.

Sara loved it!
She is just like me.
She can sit for hours and play in the sand and enjoy the waves.
Mothers Day morning some very ambitious young man got up early and wrote Happy Mothers Day and drew a huge pot of flowers in the sand.
Well thank you and Happy Mothers Day to me!

And just because I am always amazed at what cell phones have done to our society....
This family spent their Mothers Day morning at a beautiful restaurant, on a beautiful morning,
staring into four individual cell phone screens.  Not a word of conversation, just eyes glued to the screen.  I think the world needs a wake up call. 
Ring, ring....put your phone away and talk to your mother.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Batter Up......

A few weeks ago Finley told one of our more serious discussions, that this was going to be the best summer of her life.  I was sure it was because they were going to spend a week this summer at the beach.  I was so wrong!  "No Gramma, it is because I am going to play tee ball!"
Well, of course.  that outranks the beach anyway, right?
 Dressed for the occasion with pony tails swaying, these girls are formulating some serious strategy.
 And....she has the stance down perfectly.
 Don't think that this young guy couldn't out throw any girl out there!
If the only toys he had were balls he would be nothing but happy!
 I am not sure how far the ball went, but her swing was perfection.
 Between inning instruction!
 The dads have their own strategy!
 Charlie and Finley...nothing but cute!
 Post game huddle....
And game number one is in the books!
Hey Gramma...we won!
Does that really matter when you are five?