Saturday, November 4, 2017

Planning Ahead.....

I am a lover of all things Christmas.
The fact that Hobby Lobby has Christmas out after the 4th of July is a bit over kill but now that Halloween is past, I am ready.
 I know that we should celebrate the holidays and we should not pass over Thanksgiving...but I am not.
 I love turkey, pumpkin pie, and family.  I can still honor that with my Christmas tree fully decorated.
I don't think it detracts from the meaning of the day.  
Christmas season is my favorite.  I overdecorate, over buy and over celebrate, and if I am going to put that much effort in to it I want to enjoy it...for weeks, and weeks, and weeks.
So, thank you Hallmark for Christmas movies that have already started and for the radio stations that are playing Christmas tunes.
Celebrate as you like...I choose Christmas.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

For the Record.......

And just exactly who wants this record?  
We set a record for the highest temperature ever recorded in 
Dallas today.
And today is November 2nd.
So who needs or wants this ridiculous record?
I am struggling to buy pansies for my garden when all my summer flowers are still blooming beautifully.  Christmas decorations are out everywhere and I know how people who live in Los Angeles must feel during the holidays. My internal season clock is totally out of whack and from what I understand this is not the end of this record breaking heat.
So here we are on November 2...just for the record.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Super 8........

 My precious little Brooklynn Mae is 8.  
Time has a way of sneaking by you and though it is a bit sad, it makes me so proud to see the beautiful young lady she is becoming.
 Her smile is a gift.
 Her heart is huge.

And she just fills my heart everytime I see her.

I know someday soon she will outgrow her need to hang out with me so until then I will just soak up every minute I can with her.
Happy #8 B-Mae!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hello October!....

None of us would know by the 90 plus degree temps, pollen in full ragweed mode, and allergy suffers crying for relief, but we are now in October.
It is football season, time for everything pumpkin, and the State Fair has opened it gates.
I hope the weather God's will have some mercy and let us enjoy a bit of fall before we are fully enveloped in winter.
Either way....

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

AND HE IS 40!.......

So we went with the nautical theme.
Perfect for a former navy man and an avid lake lover!
I would say lake lover would be the one nearest and dearest to his heart.
Yes, Finley came to the party all decked out in her new purple cast...
an accessory that none of us envied on this very hot day. She was a trooper...never complained and joined in all the festivities. Someday this will be a story to tell...for now it is just hot and itchy.
Captured...I avoid pictures ALWAYS....but sadly caught without enough warning.
Brooklynn is always ready to party...especially at the lake!
And when you can't swim like the rest of the gang, you decorate the big old cast with little colored puff balls.

Our tiny jet ski lover.
Crazy party faces.

Fun family celebration....
The big 40 and mom is feeling really old!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Just Some Facts.......

My son just got home from a business Chicago!
I asked him if he knew that was where I was born....
"No, I thought you were born in Peoria."
So I got to thinking...of course.
My kids do not have a lot of facts.
I am really filling all of this in so if they ever go back through my books they can find some of the answers to the questions that I wish I had asked my mom and dad.
So, yes, I was born in Chicago and I guess my parents did not officially name me until the day of my baptism because my birthday was not September 5th!
Sadly this is a very poor picture but this is a picture of my grandparents on the day I was baptized. 
I do not now how old they were here but I have been told that my granddad was totally bald when he was 26.  He wore a toupe for awhile until someone pulled it off...then it was goodbye toupe.
I am sorry boys.  I guess your propensity to early hair loss was hereditary.  
And my grandmother...never saw here in anything but a dress.  I guess that was a sign of the times.  
I loved her dearly.  She had a huge heart and was always available, unless it was time to watch her "stories" on the 7" TV screen of hers.
There are a few fact kids.  More as I think of them or before I just can't remember them anymore.


I cannot help it!
It is back to school and supplies are front and center in every store...
I have purchased in every store.
I love new school supplies.
New glue sticks, crayons, markers, and folders.
Yes, I need them.  I have grandkids.  Even if I didn't I would buy them and donate them because the fun is in purchasing crayons for 50 cents a box.  
I reorganized my folder for Faith Formation...a new one of course!
I bought new dividers, a spiral notebook, and markers and pens.
It is the teacher in me.
Did I mention I love school supplies?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not the Norm......

What a beautiful way to start the month of August!
The temps are in the 80"s, rain is in the forecast, and the highs will not even reach 90 all week!
What a great day!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Big Cast!......

It was that unexpected call coming at a weird time when your daughter-in-law would really not be calling just to chat.  After all the family was at the lake with company having a little fun in the sun so a 5:00 pm phone call on Saturday was really not the norm.
This tiny little five year old had a collision with the pole on the slide after falling off a mat and the result was a broken leg.  
She ended up with the biggest cast I have ever seen and though I know how traumatic it was...she is nothing but cute all cuddled up with Francy, the tubes in a hospital bed.
The upside of all of this...lots and lots of attention!
Much deserved of course!!!
If Sammy recovered from a broken leg and a big amazing cast then surely Finley can too.
With kindergarten right around the corner we are praying for fast healing and strong legs once again.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Gramma Camp 2017........

It is a tradition and one I look forward to more than the girls do.  It is 
It is three packed days of fun, outings, and laughter....
too much junk food and more laughter!!!
Cake decorating to begin!

Cake Boss do you need any assistants?

Homemade pizza in the pizza oven for dinner....

And one of my favorites....
The Waterpark, although I was only planning on sitting in a lawn chair!

Finley stretched and stretched to be tall enough to reach the mark that say she was tall enough to ride!
Quiet time before bed and it makes my heart smile to see how well these girls get along!
The next days adventure was the Play Street Museum and it is simply an awesome place!
It stresses creative play and the are so many ways to be creative.
Brooklynn and Finley packed their bags and boarded the airplane for a big adventure!

While Brooklynn had a moment to herself, Finley and Sara attacked a puzzle that Fin had assembled in no time.  I thought a 100 piece puzzle would be challenging for a 5 year old but possibly not!
One of the highlights of camp was the trip to the police/fire station in Sachse.
These girls got the first class tour!
They got to walk through of all of the rooms, look at the equipment, and got to try on everything a real fire fighter might wear.

Want to sit in a jail cell?  Only if you leave the door open!
Want to try handing a fire hose?  The instructor says "just don't spray yourself!"
I imagine there is more pressure than in your run of the mill garden hose!

No gramma camp would be complete without a trip to URBAN AIR!

The kids love it and exercise is never a bad thing!
After three very packed days, camp is over.  Time to say goodbye and get home to mom, dad, and Mattie.
Plans are already underway for Gramma Camp 2018!
This Gramma can't wait!!!